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Oct 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
to respect international law. we probably violated the sovereignty with drones and covert action than we did under brush and there's a whole new set of questions there. i could -- the list could go on it seems like we have problems with the institution and we have problems with our ability to lead within the institution. i was wondering what your reaction to one or both of the issues. one is a generally statement. i agree with the ideas to win. you know, the power the soviet unions were strong. when the soviet union was strong and the idea of liberal internationalism will be strong as we can prove by example. the world of social networking which is the em emulation is hugely a powerful force in the world. .. and the whole number of rather meaningful things are done. the international criminal court . the key of the treaty. the land that -- antipersonnel landmines ban, small arms agreement. all of them were done with the u.s. voting exam. and the votes were like 178 to one and one pattern 46 with 18. those kinds of votes. in the u.s. was the only democracy with the exception of an drolen tip
Sep 27, 2012 11:00pm EDT
with the blueprint, which chairman mica mentioned. many of the things in the bill signed into law came from secretary lahood so it is worth noting that much progress has been made since that day. i remember he came to see me and he said, what are the challenges of deviation? i said you have to do two things then you have to do them quickly. one of the things is you have to free up this mentality that we do not want stakeholders involved that we don't want to hear from them. so to his credit and the credit of the former administrator, mr. babbitt and the acting administrator here today, we have made progress. we have a long way to go, but we've come a long way from a few years ago. so with that, mr. chairman, thank you. >> i must say currently the internal management competence in this sort of process, due in part to people here are the fad of work is a couple years ago. this is a different type of process and takes a different type of experience. we thank you for your testimony and the first panel is adjourned. we will turn to the second panel and as they are coming forward, let me introduce them. it
Sep 28, 2012 11:00pm EDT
to focus on the constitution and the rule of law because the legal framework is such that women are protected in the constitution in terms of their right. any move away from the rule of law, where trade was just as our ad hoc justices applied is bad for women. we have seen that in parts of afghanistan. the reality is that it's going to be pretty difficult for women in hearts of afghanistan because as you see in pakistan, pakistan does have the rule of law, an institution, but in the remote parts you can't always enforce it. and that is going to be the reality for a lot of women in parts of afghanistan. and i think we are pretty powerless to do much about that. but what we can try and do is try and make sure that women's rights are enshrined in the comp duchenne for interrogation from that and influence. we can use our influence because if we found the afghans come obvious they were going to make it conditional on things like corruption and human rights, on how women are treated. so we have this going to give the minister of finance to do the right thing. so i think we should use
Sep 26, 2012 11:00pm EDT
and verse on international law. all i know is this. that he was an american citizens. but he also insighted terrorism against every other american. he was part of a terrorist group that would destroy american life and inflict terrorist attacks on the country. if that's the way he was, that's who he was. i think our government had a right go after to him. as to the son, i can't speak to the details of what happened because i don't know. i'm a private citizens. i don't have any special knowledge of what happened on the attack. but, you know, terrorist put themselves on the line, if they impose our country, that they seek to destroy our country. i think we have an only division to go after them. i think president obama has been right to wage the very tough campaign against al qaeda. al qaeda is an and my of the united states and all of us know that after 9/11. >> host: i want to get more of your take on syria. they pointed a world leader clash over the syria. they point out the sharp differences on how the end the civil war service. one arab ruler urged total support for the rebels soon after
Oct 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
loyalty and dedication to the common cause courses through the brain of law and nobody feels left out. it was a vision of britain coming together to overcome the challenges we face. it's really called that one nation -- one nation. we heard the phrase again as the country came together to defeat fascism and we heard it again as clement attlee builds britain after the war. [applause] friends, i didn't become leader of the labour party to reinvent the world of 73 or attlee. i believe in that spirit, one nation, a country where everyone has the day. one nation can make an issue where prosperity fairly shared. one nation where we have a shared destiny, a sense of shared and other and a common life that we laid together. that is my vision of one nation. that is my vision of written. that is the britain we must become. [applause] in here is the genius of one nation. it doesn't just tell us the country we can be. it tells us how we can rebuild. we won the war because we were one nation. we built the peace because labour government and conservative government under said we needed to be one na
Sep 25, 2012 11:00pm EDT
about making sure we get an equitable distribution of the dollars to send and part of the missouri law for many, many decades and will continue to work to make it as efficient, affect given fair as possible. >> date spans. >> is a slippery slope because the matter were you going in the come, some people feel like they don't get enough. the ones who do want to hold onto it. i problem solver, not a politician. i'm willing to open it up and look at it. i surround myself with people on bias and see if it's truly fair. also in our state we have a funding problem. it's called lack of taxpayers. money is not always the answer to a republican education. can they treat their business model? absolutely, i would encourage them. precious common sense, but we need to look at the number of taxpayers and people on unemployment that if you do not and hurting our overall education system. so the best thing we can do a scourge, missouri business to expand, and get more taxpayers and then it's a nice problem because you have funding. we squeeze blood from a turnip in our state. a lot of farmers know what
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6